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Dvorak Chronicles

Dvorak Chronicles

A Haiku Opera, with three acts and an epilogue, about switching keyboard layouts.

Act I: Qwerty

Fond Memories of
Mario Teaches Typing
Finger tips ablaze
I thought in Qwerty
Handwriting typos same as
Keyboarding typos
Disclaimer, please read:
Three syllables are in the
Word "d-vawr-zhahk"...thanks!

Act II: Dvorak

At a conference
I heard about Dvorak
I like a challenge
Like all operas,
This second act is tragic
Heed this tale of pain
Learning Dvorak
Is not for the faint of heart
A steep hill to climb

Act III: Now

Since the conference
I haven't met anyone
Who types Dvorak
After three years I
Am not as fast as I was
When I was in high school
Each day I can tell
That my speed is increasing
A real victory.

Epilogue: Future

Switching was worth it
I don't recommend it, though
Fade to black; the end.
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